Margaret's cool weekend with Thaïsse publié le 11/01/2021  - mis à jour le 13/01/2021

Hello everybody !
Last weekend, Margaret was at my house ! On Friday evening, she helped us with the cooking. Indeed, she chopped onions, mixed them with bacon, and added some cream. Afterwards we ate her pasta carbonara. That was delicious !
On Saturday, in the morning, Margaret spent time in the bathroom to brush her feathers. When she came back into the kitchen, everybody told her she was very pretty, so she was happy ! Then, in the afternoon, she told my little sister a story about turkeys’ fate at Thanksgiving. My sister found it creepy ! Finally, in the evening, she spilt a bottle of water on my book. As I was a bit upset, I forbade her to use her mobile phone (she is a very connected turkey as you can see !). But she stole it and hid it under my bed ! I think this turkey is a bit crazy... !
Anyway, she is nice, because on Sunday she sang "Don’t worry, be happy" by Bobby McFerrin to my mother who was worried about Covid19. And at 7pm, she left my place in her spotted suitcase !
Bye bye and have a nice day !