Margaret the street skater publié le 06/04/2021

Hello everyone !
A few days ago, I went to Wendy’s and we did a lot of cool things. When we got home, we did our homework (it was a bit boring) but then we went skateboarding and I loved it !! Afterwards we got back home, had a shower and prepared a meal. I didn’t know Wendy knew how to cook so well ! So we ate delicious cauliflower toasts.
It was already late, so we brushed our teeth. As I was about to get into my bed, Wendy’s cat tried to attack me ! I was really scared but in the end it didn’t do me any harm. Finally, I had a good night’s sleep and when I woke up the next day, I got ready and went back to school.
Bye to you all and have a nice day !