2020-2021 3è Croizon


  To all the 3è pupils publié le 27/06/2021

  Margaret's idle life publié le 22/05/2021

Hey everyone ! Last wednesday I was at Lucas’s home and I spend a great afternoon although it had started like a horror movie. Indeed, to get there, I had to take the bus imprisoned in a bag ! It was really horrible ! But I quickly forgave Lucas (...)

  Margaret's meditations publié le 22/05/2021

Hello ! Margaret visited me the other day and spent the night over at my place. In the morning, she woke up at 7.30 am and ate with her hen friend. She chatted with her until 12 o’clock about what they thought about life in general.
At 1 pm, (...)

  Margaret's cool life publié le 09/05/2021

Today Margaret spent the day at my house. She got to know Minnie, my little hamster. The two of them got on very well. Then we played hide-and-seek. It took me ages before I could find Margaret ! She was very, very well hidden under a jacket ! (...)

  Margaret's everlasting holiday publié le 06/04/2021

Hey ! You will never guess where I was last weekend ! Well... I spent some time with Alexis ! And I had fun ! After his dog had attempted to eat me without success, we watched movies on Netflix until very late at night. After a good lie in until (...)

  Margaret the street skater publié le 06/04/2021

Hello everyone ! A few days ago, I went to Wendy’s and we did a lot of cool things. When we got home, we did our homework (it was a bit boring) but then we went skateboarding and I loved it !! Afterwards we got back home, had a shower and (...)

  Margaret's Christmas holiday publié le 06/04/2021

Oh my God ! I ate too much chocolate at Célia’s place ! I put on 3 more kilos ! So then I practised ABS, running and football ! A few days later, we visited Célia’s aunt and I thought she was a very nice lady. And when we went back home, I heard the (...)

  Simple things, nice things publié le 13/03/2021

Hi ! A few weeks ago, Margaret spent a day at my place. First she met my cat, then I showed her around the house and the garden. We didn’t do many things, but Margaret was there with me as I was doing my homework. Afterwards, we had salad, (...)

  Such a perfect day ! publié le 13/03/2021

Hello to you all ! Margaret is creative and very much interested in fashion, and she enjoys being elegant. Yesterday, she decided to pamper herself, so first she put on two beautiful necklaces, then she ate an apple and some chocolate. After (...)

  My stay at Lou-Anne's publié le 08/03/2021

Hello everybody !
I spent some time in Lou-Anne’s home. I did some gardening, which I thought was a nice experience although I broke some branches !
As I needed to lose a few pounds, I had celery for dinner, which I had cooked a few hours (...)

  Goose bumps publié le 08/03/2021

Good evening to you all,
At first, I felt very happy during my stay with Aymeric’s family. Indeed, I played for hours and hours. I played tag, soccer, hide-and-seek, and I got on really very well with Aymeric’s very kind dog. But then things got (...)

  Is Margaret LeBron James's sister ? publié le 22/02/2021

Hi everyone ! I am going to tell you about the fabulous weekend I spent with Margaret ! At the beginning, Margaret asked me if we could play a basketball match. Of course I was OK. I was surprised how good she was ! I couldn’t believe how quickly (...)

  Margaret at Pierre's publié le 22/02/2021

Hi ! Last Wednesday, I spent the whole day with Margaret, and she did many things to help me ! Indeed, in the morning, she did my French, maths, history and geography homework. But I had to check because there were a few mistakes ! Then, she (...)

  Margaret meets Charline publié le 26/01/2021

Hello ! I went to Charline’s and did a lot of activities ! Charline wanted to introduce me to her pets and other animals. So first I came face to face with her dogs... Well... I must say it was quite a terrible experience because they thought I (...)

  Margaret the geek mis à jour le 27/01/2021

Hey !
Margaret stayed with me the whole weekend last weekend, and we did lots of things ! On Friday night, Margaret waited a few hours while I was doing my homework. But then we had great fun on my computer : I showed her how to do some coding (...)

  Margaret's cool weekend with Thaïsse mis à jour le 13/01/2021

Hello everybody ! Last weekend, Margaret was at my house ! On Friday evening, she helped us with the cooking. Indeed, she chopped onions, mixed them with bacon, and added some cream. Afterwards we ate her pasta carbonara. That was delicious ! On (...)