2019-2020 3è Ocarina


  Tim's winter holidays publié le 10/03/2020

Hi there ! I spent the last holidays with Maël. During the first week, we stayed at his grandparents’, walking in the fields and playing video games. The second week was quite different, as he took me to the Pyrenees ! We went to La Mongie ski (...)

  Tim's trip to the West Indies ! publié le 23/02/2020

Hello again ! Last week-end, Tim and I went to a Martinican beach. There was a beautiful sun, a lot of banana trees and it was very hot. We were feeling as if we were in a dream, it was fabulous ! In the afternoon, we lay on the sand for an (...)

  Tim's time with Lilly publié le 23/02/2020

Hello there !
When Tim came to my place, he did a boxing match with real boxing gloves !
He also met my dog, Kaya. Despite the fact that Kaya almost ate him when they first met, Tim stroked him and so they finally became good friends.
Tim also (...)

  Tim and show business publié le 23/02/2020

Hello !
Last week, Tim came a few days at my place and discovered rap music.
On the first day, we recorded a song together, then we mixed it.
On the second day, we composed the beats for a French rap singer whose name is VNC.
And on the third (...)

  Is Tim a future NBA player ? publié le 08/02/2020

Hello ! When Tim came to my place he behaved very well. My friends had told me he was shy, and he is indeed ; he didn’t talk much, but he was really nice. I took him to my basketball club. He was really impressed to see me play like an NBA player (...)

  Tim's experience with horses publié le 04/02/2020

Hello !
Last Monday, I took Tim to the riding school. First, he learnt how to ride a horse. He was really impressed by such a big animal, but once he was on it he wasn’t frightened anymore. At the end of the day, at around 5.00 pm, he rode my (...)

  Tim's at Océane's publié le 28/01/2020

Hello ! Tim was my guest for a week-end. First he tried climbing. He didn’t like it much because he had vertigo ! When we got home, he discovered the tradition of King cake and enjoyed it very much as he had the charm and so won the crown ! Then (...)

  Tim's Christmas holidays publié le 24/01/2020

Hello everyone ! First of all, I wish you a happy new year ! I spent the Christmas holidays with Chloé and her family… and her pets too. Oh dear ! Her dog called Insée wanted to eat me, and her cat Gazelle hated me so much that she scratched me. I (...)

  Tim is back ! publié le 12/01/2020

Tim came and spent a few days at my place. He did many things ! On the first day, he decorated the Christmas tree with me. He enjoyed it a lot ! He also met my two cats, and they got on very well ! They became best friends. I think Tim was in (...)