Tim's long trip to Canada publié le 10/04/2019

Hello everyone,
I’m back again ! Let me tell you what I did these last few weeks !
I flew to Canada and I felt very excited because it was my first time there. I stayed at some friends’ house ; they are Canadian hedgehogs and they speak with a strong Canadian accent !
They are used to very low temperatures whereas I am not. That’s why I was cold, so I needed really very warm clothes : a scarf, a coat, gloves and a hat.
We went to see an ice hockey game in Toronto, between the Maple Leafs and the Canadiens, it was awesome ! The Maple Leafs won ! After the match, we went to eat some waffles with maple syrup on them and do you know what ? They were absolutely delicious ! I ate so many that I thought my stomach would explode, but fortunately it did not...
After a long night’s sleep, we went to visit a museum about the First Nations of Canada. Did you know that they used to eat berries and wild animals ? They wore clothes made of fur and they used to live in long, big wooden houses. It was very interesting, and I spent hours to learn about them.
On the last evening of the trip, we watched a horror movie called "The shining", it was so scary !!! When I went to sleep, I admit that I was a little bit afraid, but I really liked this movie !
I hope to go back to Canada some day.
Lots of love !