So many strong emotions ! publié le 30/01/2019

Hello ! I’m back again for new adventures with Yseur !
We took the plane ! It was my very first time, so I must say I was quite scared during the take-off, but Yseur reassured me. You must be wondering what our destination was… well… we went to the Seychelles !! Yes indeed !! It was absolutely great : it was sunny and warm, whereas the weather here was bad. The beaches were fantastic, as well as the meeting with new people ! I even became friends with a pink dolphin. She tried to teach me how to swim. Hedgehogs aren’t used to swimming, and I swallowed water several times. I was glad my new friend rescued me !
After that marvellous trip, Yseur decided I had to try a speciality, what travellers call "niglo à la grill". I had no idea what it was, and I must say I found it really good and tasty. Once I had finished eating, Yseur told me that "niglo" meant "hedgehog" ! Oh my God ! I just wanted to cry ! I had been transformed into a cannibal !
Although I had a hard time during the meal, I spent a wonderful time with Yseur. See you soon for new adventures !