Tim's trip to the West Indies ! publié le 23/02/2020

Hello again !
Last week-end, Tim and I went to a Martinican beach. There was a beautiful sun, a lot of banana trees and it was very hot. We were feeling as if we were in a dream, it was fabulous ! In the afternoon, we lay on the sand for an hour, then we woke up and we bought something to eat and we drank a big milkshake. Tim ate a chocolate ice-cream and I had a donut.
After that, we played volleyball. I won 8 to 4. As Tim got bored, he drew a hedgehog on the sand, until the waves finally came and erased his drawing. Tim wept like a baby because his drawing was gone, so to comfort him, I told him we could swim. But Tim said he had never learnt how to swim, so we just put our feet into the water and caught fish and crabs. We caught thirty crabs and we sold them all on the beach for a few pounds each. At the end of the day, Tim had sand all over him, it was very funny. In the evening, we went back home. We were quite tired. We had a bread and ham sandwich and then we both read a Harry Potter book. At 9.00 pm, he began to sleep.



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 Mme Chenu