Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 Biography biography...
Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 Biography biography...

biography publié le 06/01/2009

My name is Emilien. I was born on May 11th 1996. I have got one sister. My father’s name is Eric and my mother’s name is Magalie. I study English, French, maths. I do my best at school. I practise lots of sports at school : football, rugby, tennis, biking and swimming. I have got black hair with green eyes. I am helpful,friendly and energetic.

Her name is Magalie. She was born on October 29th1968. She has got one sister. Her father’s name is André Auber, and her mother’s name is Monique Auber. She married Eric in 1990. They had two children : Emilien and Pauline. She has got blond hair. She has got green eyes. She is cheerful, helpful, friendly and energetic.

Emilien practises football and rugby whereas his mother prefers swimming.

Emilien has got green eyes like his mother.

Emilien has got one sister like his mother.

Emilien is helpful, friendly and energetic like his mother.

Emilien doesn’t do his best at school whereas his mother did her best at school.

Emilien has got black hair whereas his mother is blond.


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