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Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 Biography Ombeline's...

Ombeline's biography publié le 03/01/2009

Hi ! I Ombeline !
I was born on February 13rtth 1996. I’ve got two sisters and I’ve got one dog. My father’s name is Marc and my mother’s name is Nathalie. I am often cheerful but I am also often grumpy, I have lots of friends, I never sit or play alone.
My favourite subjects at school are English and French, I usually do my best at school.
I have got long straight brown hair, I have got green eyes, I have got a small nose and I have got a round face.

Madeleine was born on October 13th 1933. She married Robert in 1955 and they had three children. Her father’s name was Moïce and her mother’s name was Georgette. She’s got one sister and one brother. She is sometimes grumpy. She is a good cook. She did her best at school. Her favourite subject was history. She likes fish with peas but she doesn’t like pizzas and rabbit. She has got short curly blond hair, she has got brown eyes, she has got a big nose and a round face.

Madeleine has got one brother and one sister whereas Ombeline has got two sisters.

Madeleine has got a big nose whereas Ombeline has got small nose.

Madeleine has got brown eyes whereas Ombeline has got green eyes.

Madeleine likes peas whereas Ombeline doesn’t like peas.

Madeleine has got a round face like Ombeline.

Madeleine preferred history whereas Ombeline prefers English and French.

Madeleine is sometimes grumpy whereas Ombeline is often grumpy.


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