Claire's life publié le 21/12/2008

Hi, my name is Claire. I am French because I was born in Paris.

I live in France. I have got a father, a mother and a sister. Her name is Margaux. We all live together in our house.

My family has got a car, a computer, a colour television, a dvd player, a washing machine, a dishwasher, a microwave and a cat. I take care of her.

At 7.20, we wake up and get up.
I have breakfast while watching TV.
For breakfast I have a slice of bread with butter and nutella.
After breakfast, I get dressed. I often change clothes.
At 8.00 we all leave the house.
Mum and I go to school.
At 12.20 I have lunch at school with my friends. I have lots of friends.
I leave school in the afternoon.
After school I do my homework.

Mum usually gets home at about 7 O’clock
We have dinner at about 7.30. My favourite meal is spaghetti bolognese. I also like pizza.
Then I have to help my mum to clear the table.
In the evening we like watching a film.
I go to bed at 9 O’clock.
On Fridays I go to dance and my father and my mum stay at home and watch television.
Every Saturday, my family and I, go to the supermarket.
Every year, we go to the Christmas market. We look at the Christmas decorations.
I love my family very much.

Written by Claire aged 12