Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 My daily routine Hello! I'm...
Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 My daily routine Hello! I'm...

Hello! I'm Maxence! publié le 21/12/2008

Hello my name is Maxence . I have got a father, a mother and a sister and we all live together in our house.

My family has got a car, a computer, a colour television with dvd, a washing machine, a dishwasher and a dog.
I love my family very much.

At 7 O’clock we wake up and get up.
My sister and I usually watch American Dad.

We have breakfast at 7.15.
My mum usually only has bread and a glass of orange juice and hot chocolate.

After breakfast, I get dressed. I usually wear blue trousers, a T-shirt and a sweat shirt.

At 7.30, I go to school.

At 12.20 I have lunch at school with my friends.
I have lots of friends.

My favourite subjects at school are English, arts and History.
I also enjoy PE lessons-we play basketball.

At school I often do my best and I never get into trouble.
We leave school at 5 O’clock.
In the afternoons, I usually do my homework before playing.
My mum helps me with my homework.


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