Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 My daily routine Ophélie's...
Accueil Travaux d'élèves 2008/2009 My daily routine Ophélie's...

Ophélie's life publié le 21/12/2008

Hi, my name is Ophélie. I am French because I was born in France, but I am also European because France is part of Europe.
I live in a typical French family. I have got a father, a mother and a sister. We all live together in our house.
My family has got a car, a computer, a colour television with a DVD player and a dog. I take care of him.

Start of the day

At 7 O’clock, we wake up and get up.I usually watch TV in my pyjamas until breakfast. At 7.15 I have breakfast. I like eating cereal and toast and I drink a hot chocolate. After breakfast, my sister and I get dressed. I usually wear blue trousers, a sweat-shirt and a tee-shirt. At 7.45, we all leave the house. Mum, my sister and I go to school. At 12.20 I have lunch at school with my friends. I have lots of friends.
My favourite subject at school is arts. At school I often do my best and I am never grumpy.
We leave school at 3 O’ clock. In the afternoons. I usually do my homework before playing. My mum helps me with my homework.

Family life

We have dinner at about 7 O’clock. My favourite meal is pizza and pasta bolognese.
Then I have to help my mum with the washing-up and I have to clear the table.
I go to bed at 9 O’clock.