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Voici le sujet proposé en rédaction aux 3°F ainsi que leurs productions : You are a journalist and you present your favourite celebrity : physical and moral description and interests.

Mathieu Chedid

The star that I prefer is Mathieu Chedid, he is French and he is middle aged. Mathieu Chedid’s nickname is « -M- ». He is a singer. For exemple he has created the songs « Le roi des ombres » or « Je dis aime »and much more.

Mathieu Chedid is slim, he has a short, curly black hair. He is quite tall. Mathieu has a square face, a long nose, a smily-mouth and brown eyes. He has a classical style, I find that he wears elegant clothes.

Mathieu Chedid is a generous person because he gives time and money to poor people, for exemple AIDS. Mathieu Chedid is cheerful and he is amusing because on stage I can see that he’s funny and energetic.

Mathieu Chedid is a sportman because when he is on the beach, he loves doing exercices. He also loves music and playing the guitare.

I like Mathieu Chedid because I like when he plays on stage ! I also like his music, it’s great ! His clothes are excellent because they are always original, pink,etc.


Emma Watson

Her name is Emma Watson. She is English. Emma is twenty years old. She is an actress. She played in “Harry Potter”, the role of Hermione Granger. She is very famous.
She is slim. And she has a medium size. She has brown long wavy hair, and brown, almond-shape eyes. She has casual clothes. She is pretty.
She is sociable and clever because she makes studies. She is cheerful because she is usually happy and she is good-tempered.
In her free times, she likes making water sports during summer. She likes dancing and playing tennis, netball, field hockey. During the week-end, she also enjoys cooking, painting and singing.
To finish with, I can say I like Emma for her personality, and for her films.


My favourite star

His name is Mark Harmon and he’s 59. He’s a famous American actor. His most famous role is special agent Leroy Jethro GIBBS,the hero of N.C.I.S.

He’s slim. He has green eyes and he has short blond hair. He has a long nose. He’s well-dressed and he’s classical. He’s strong and he has a strict look. He is elegant and ordinary.

He’s polite because he signs autographs for fans. He’s bossy but only in his stories because in NCIS he’s the boss of the team. So, finally he’s generous because he helps people in difficulty.

Sometimes, at week-ends, he plays American football with his son. He likes baseball and American football ; he likes spending time with his family.

All in all I admire Mark Harmon for his story and because he is generous and he never gets angry but he is strict.



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