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He is my favourite singer

If you are a reggae lover,you know Bob Marley. He was the biggest creator of reggae music. His most famous songs for me are « No Woman No Cry » and « On Love ». He was born in Jamaica.

Bob Marley is tall, well-built. He is black. He has brown eyes, long, frizzy brown hair, he has got dreadlocks .He has got big lips. He always smiles. He usually wears casual clothes. He always wears shorts or T-Shirts. He is « fashion ».

Bob Marley is amusing because he smokes marijuana. He is cheerful because he always laughs. He is sociable and generous because he helps people of Africa, he gives money , he helps charities.

He likes playing the guitar, singing, smoking a joint .He is a fanatic soccer player and fan, he also loves watching soccer on TV. He loves reggae beats and political activism . His favourite team is Santos Football Club (Brazil).

For some songs, he features with other singers ; Peter TOSH for example. I admire Bob Marley because I love his music .


Chris McCandless

(Alexander Supertramp)

He was born on February 12, 1968 and died in August 1992. He was an American, famous for his adventure lived under the nickname Alexander Supertramp.

He was strong and tall. He had short straight brown hair, brown eyes and sometimes a beard. And of course he was dressed like a tramp.

He was generous because he gave all his money to poor people in the world. When he was young, he was wise, dreamy, brilliant and brave. So he was a real tramp.

He liked reading, he used to read everytime and everywhere. He loved meeting original people but he wanted to be alone too.

All in all, I admire Alex because he had the courage to realise his dreams : crossing America without money. Chris McCandless died in August 1992 in his last destination : Alaska.



I present Basshunter, the best DJ in the world. He is Swedish. He’s 26 years old.

He has short black hair, or sometimes long straight brown hair. He has nice clothes with youthful style : he always has jeans, gel, jacket with hood, etc. He has a normal mouth and nose... he doesn’t have particular signs. I think his style is great.

He is cheerful : he always smiles and enjoys, he isn’t hard-working, but not lazy neither. He does great music but he works with a software, FruityLoops (now FL Studio).

In his freetime, he is a DJ in nightclubs, or he works for his new album. He meets fans and does concerts in Europe. His hobbies aren’t very exciting.

I like his music very much, he is a very famous DJ.



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