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Jacques Dutronc

Do you know Jacques Dutronc ? Yes of course !! He is a French famous singer, he is in his sixtie’s. He has been famous since the 60’s. Maybe, you know « Il est 5 heures Paris s’éveille » ? Jacques Dutronc is a tall and slim man. He is nice-looking. He has short, straight and brown hair. But his eyes are always hidden because he has sunglasses. He has a square face, and he is always well-dressed with leather jacket for example. Jacques is an handsome, elegant and charming rock-star. He is pretentious, he thinks he is more important than anybody else ; the title of a song proves it : « Et moi, et moi, Et moi … » . He is a cynical man : he often laughs at people. We think he is lazy because he is not energetic. He likes singing, he smokes the cigar and he drinks a lot. He loves singing rock music and helping his son for his album. He likes meeting his friends. Finally, Jacques Dutronc is a rock-star who is appreciated by young and old people, but he is also a great actor who is loved. He played in « Van-Gogh » . I think he is a frank singer.


Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is American. She is an actress. She plays in « Desperate Housewife ». A lot of people love her.

Eva Longoria is small and slim, she has got a long curly browm hair. And has got brown sparkling eyes. She’s nice-looking and is beautiful. She’s well dressed, classical and sexy.

She’s polite ans sociable because, one of her favourite pastimes is shopping with her friends. She’s also very generous and clever because she gives a lot to other people. For example, she supports charities. Eva is patient because she enjoys cooking for her family.

Eva loves culture : she reads a lot, she goes to museums… Eva likes speaking other languages : French , Spanish and she likes having Christmas Holidays because she loves her family.

I’m a fan of Eva Longoria because she is beautiful and has a nice and sincere smile.


Hideto Takarai

His name is Hideto Takarai alias Hyde. His place of birth is Wakayama, He is Japanese, He is forty one years old. He is a singer and actor. The name of his group is VAMPS with his album BEAST and the name of his film is « MoonChild. » The style of his music is J-Rock and his best friend is Gackto Camui alias GACKT.

Hyde is small and well-built, he has a wavy blond hair with beautiful almond-shaped brown eyes. He has a small nose and he is well-dressed and has beautiful casual-clothes. This man is very handsome and charming.

He is very sweet with all people, He gives a lot of money to « Kushiku ya » an association to help poor people in Japan and in America, He is generous. He is sociable and he makes all people laugh, Hyde is cheerful but he is very lazy because he can’t organize the promotion alone and he is very energetic on stage. He is very polite with all persons. Finally he is nice but he is lazy.

Hyde’s hobbies are drawing mangas and cooking good japanese food. He collects blue glass objects and old European furniture. He likes singing very much and playing the electric guitar.

All in All , I love Hyde because he is a good singer with good songs. I saw hyde on stage in Paris on 16th of December. Hyde looks like a father to me.



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