Celebrities 3 publié le 06/12/2010

Voici le sujet proposé en rédaction aux 3°F ainsi que leurs productions : You are a journalist and you present your favourite celebrity : physical and moral description and interests.

Hannah Steffens

Her name is Hannah Steffens .Hannah is a freerider. She is twenty-seven year old and she is American .She lives in Mon-Piste(Colorado,USA).

Hannah is slim.Her eyes are green and small and she has got long blond curly hair
but her nose is flat. She wears volcom stone casual clothes and DC shoes.

Hannah Steffens is generous because she gives money to sports clubs. She is a very patient and energetic person because she carries out freeride section . She has to work a lot and to be sporty.

Hannah really likes doing straddle horse. She is a believer so she studies the Bible. She reads spiritual books. She also goes on a diet.

Hannah Steffens is the best woman freerider in the world. Hanna is the first to have executed back flip series.



His name is Curtis James III alias 50cent , he is in his thirties . He is an outstanding hip-hop singer during the years 2000 in America ! He is very famous.

He is tall and very strong. He has got brown eyes, a big nose. He is black, bold and he has a moustache and a big mouth but a bad smile ... He has got long tee shirts and baggy trousers. His clothes are beautiful .

He isn’t funny because his family died when 50cent was 9 years old , but he is very generous because he gives lot of money to poor people. The policemen often arrest him, so he is not very polite .

In his free time, he likes playing basketball. At week-ends, he meets his friends and loafs about in the street with them. Last summer, he often practised golf. He enjoys cooking too, but he is not very good at it.

I admire 50cent because when he was young, his family died but he was courageous and he became a famous singer. For me, he is the most excellent singer in the world !!!


The best goalkeeper in the world

His name is Hugo Lloris, he’s French and he’s 24. He’s a football player at Olympique Lyonnais and in the French team too.

He’s tall and slim. He has almond shaped brown eyes. He has a short black hair, a long nose, a round face and a small smile. His clothes are original but in a match he’s dressed as a football player.

He’s ordinary, cheerful and polite because he’s always happy, he isn’t rude and he is fair-play, not agressive.

He always likes playing football. He likes vegetables, Mac Donald’s and pizzas. He loves playing video games with his friend, in FIFA11 he chooses the team of Olympique Lyonnais and he’s level 45 in « Call of duty 6 » .

All in all, I admire Hugo Lloris because he’s the best goalkeeper in the world because he has an incredible talent.



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