Celebrities 6 publié le 10/12/2010

Voici le sujet proposé en rédaction aux 3°F ainsi que leurs productions : You are a journalist and you present your favourite celebrity : physical and moral description and interests.

Green Day singer

His name is Billie Joe Armstrong, he is the singer of Green Day. He is 38 years old and he is American.

He is medium high and well built. He has short black hair and green eyes. He has a punk style and black clothes . He has an original and strange appearence. He is crazy in concert.

He is ambitious because he wants to become successful. He is energetic because he likes to be active all the time and he is cheerful because he is always in a good mood.

He loves playing video games and going to the fast food, he likes playing football and baseball.

He is in the best band in the world.



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Green Day singer



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