Margaret's idle life publié le 22/05/2021

Hey everyone !
Last wednesday I was at Lucas’s home and I spend a great afternoon although it had started like a horror movie. Indeed, to get there, I had to take the bus imprisoned in a bag ! It was really horrible ! But I quickly forgave Lucas when I saw what we were going to have for lunch ! Indeed, a huge, magnificent pizza was waiting for us and there was cottage cheese for dessert too, what a treat !
Then, I digested quietly reading a great manga while Lucas was doing his homework.
Afterwards, I tried the drums, I got the rhythm right straight away, it was really cool !
In the evening, I looked at the stars through a strange window that was in the ceiling. I finally fell asleep and when I woke up, I found myself in a school bag again, on the bus heading to school.
It was really great but I hope I will never be on a bus again !