our work for environment


  Third work: THE LOGO publié le 04/03/2009

We had to make a logo that represents the links beetween the countries of the European Union.
It symbolizes the communication, the interest that we show to nature, the exchange and solidarity.

  Second work: SOLAR OVENS mis à jour le 21/03/2009

First, we tried to make different solar ovens without the help of the teachers, just with the Internet.
We were in groups of 3 or 4.
For 4 weeks, we worked alone on our personnal solar oven.
Then, with Mrs Donascimento, Mr Sanchez, Mr Leger and (...)

  First work: AL GORE mis à jour le 04/03/2009

We have to work about the environment and the teachers want to begin with a documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth".
Our teachers gave us a plan to do a presentation of Al Gore. Who is he ? What was his position before ? What did he do ? (...)