Résumé des deux premiers jours publié le 12/04/2012

Hello, there !
How are you all ?
Is it raining in France ?
Here the weather is gorgeous.
It rains when we visit museums and we enjoy the sun during our walks...

So what have we done since we arrived ?
In fact we’ve done so many things that we will probably forget some of them !

We left Angoulême at half past seven on Tuesday morning. We didn’t need more than four hours to get to Lille ! Isn’t it fast !

We had lunch (one of these unforgettable school picnics !...) on the train.
We crossed the Channel without seeing any fish ! And when we arrived in England, the sun was shining...

At about 2.30 pm, the train went into St Pancras station.
It took us some time to buy the tube tickets !
Then we visited two museums : the Science Museum with plenty of things that only Mr Brunel could understand, and the Natural History Museum with huge skeletons of dinosaurs and animals of all kinds.


We met our families at seven pm.

This morning, Chloe was ill and Mr Ribon had to take her to hospital while the rest of the group was visiting the fabulous stadium of Wembley ! We could imagine what it is like when 90 thous and supporters shout at the same time... We interviewed Arsène Wenger and Van Persie in the conference room.... We’ll show that to you when we are at school.

Then Mr Santurette added something to the initial programme : we went to see St Paul’s cathedral. By the way, he had already added a walk in the morning : from Baker Street tube station, we went to Regent’s Park, walking past the Planetarium, Mme Tussaud’s and Sherlock Holmes house in Baker Street.

This afternoon, we did a long walk with two guides who told us everything about the olympic games that will take place in London next summer. Miss Wagner has to come here in July...

Then we did an extra tour again round Greenwich. We nearly lost Lorry on the tube after losing Romain in a museum the day before...

We hope Mrs Baleynaud will be all right tomorrow morning because she has got a cold... And so has Julien Burbaud... How many of us will survive ? Who is the next weak link ? You’ll know it if you keep up with us...

See next time for further adventures in Olympic Land...

All the best... Jean Santurette


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