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Accueil Les disciplines Anglais Notre assi...

Notre assistant de langue publié le 30/11/2017

Rencontre avec les 3eA

His name is William Ford.
He is 21 years old.
He’s from England, from a town called Swindon.
He speaks English (of course !), German and French.
He lives in La Rochelle.
He has got two sisters. He hasn’t got any pets but he likes cats..
His father is a businessman and his mother is a secretary.
He is in France to teach English and to learn French.
He likes eating cheese, bread, ice-cream and he loves going to Mac Donald’s.
He knows La Rochelle and Paris. He visited the Eiffel Tower and the Louvres.
His favourite film is Star Wars.
His favourite singers are Michael Jackson and Taylor Swift.
He likes Pop Music.
He loves video games especially Pokemon.
He likes, reading, swimming and he loves sleeping...

Thank you William for answering our questions.