English and French schools : comparison publié le 08/04/2014

English schools : In English schools the children aren’t as polite and don’t really respect their teachers and don’t pay attention in class.
The canteen has a lot more choice so if you don’t like one thing you can choose a different thing you know you do like. If you do have a choice though you aren’t really going to try new things. In English schools it is a lot harder to make friends and not to get hit by a football while walking to the canteen.

French schools : The children in French schools are a lot more polite and treat the teachers with more respect. The French children also pay a lot more attention in class so the classes are a lot quieter. However when it comes to the canteen there is no choice at all, so if you don’t like what there is you go hungry. But you are more likely to try new things which can be a good thing if you find something you do like you can eat that so you can have a change from what you would normally eat. Therefore that opens your options a lot more which is a really good thing if you are starting to get bored with what you have been eating recently.

James Baker