Tim's friend, Margaret publié le 16/12/2018  - mis à jour le 11/01/2019

Every year, on the fourth Thursday in November, American people celebrate Thanksgiving in order to celebrate the good relationships which existed between Native Americans and the pilgrims. People watch parades, such as the Macy’s Parade in New York. And families gather and have a big meal. Most of the time, the main course is turkey. And each year is also the traditional pardoning of the turkey ceremony, by the American President. At Jean Moulin school, a turkey called Margaret was also granted clemency by the pupils. So she will be able to live her turkey life in room 24, and she will sometimes visit pupils’ homes. Her very first official visit was at my place. She felt happy she could sit in a guest’s chair instead of being on the table, and she had the privilege of being pampered with make-up.