Tim's busy week publié le 25/10/2018

Tim was pleased when he left the school because he was in a hurry to know my sister. In the evening, he packed his bag and they went to Paris. There they ate at McDonald’s and attended my cousin’s birthday party. Tim had great fun. On the way back home, he slept a lot, and suddenly he realized he had forgotten his bag in Paris. My grandmother had to send it back to us by mail, so Tim had to stay several more days at home.
In the meantime, he decided to go and visit Bordeaux on a motorcycle - he enjoyed riding a motorcycle ! He also made friends with my cat called Mikado. They both slept a lot while I was at school. Tim loved playing at my neighbours’ house too, while I was seeing my friend there. He listened to music with us. His favourite song was "Whenever" ; he listened to it all day long. Tim also helped me decorate my room, we even put a picture of him in it ! He also discovered he had some maths skills, so he often helped my brother.
Tim did so many things that he had a great week and he is looking forward to coming back again !