Is Margaret LeBron James's sister ? publié le 22/02/2021

Hi everyone !
I am going to tell you about the fabulous weekend I spent with Margaret !
At the beginning, Margaret asked me if we could play a basketball match. Of course I was OK. I was surprised how good she was ! I couldn’t believe how quickly she dribbled and the way she dunked and scored from beyond the three-point line !! Of course she won the match !
After the match, we ran back home because of curfew. I begged Margaret not to talk about the match because I was ashamed ! She swore she wouldn’t. I felt very lucky to have such a nice friend !
Once back home, we had a shower, then we lay in my bed and watched a movie, until we had dinner at 8.00 pm. We ate delicious food and drank water with my family. Later in the evening, we watched the new Disney movie entitled Soul. I loved it but Margaret didn’t. We finally went to bed and slept.
When Margaret woke up in the morning, my dog was there and she was afraid ! But then everything went well and we had breakfast. I was very sad because I knew that Margaret had to leave and get back to the classroom.
Goodbye and thanks for reading ;-)