Margaret at Pierre's publié le 22/02/2021

Hi !
Last Wednesday, I spent the whole day with Margaret, and she did many things to help me ! Indeed, in the morning, she did my French, maths, history and geography homework. But I had to check because there were a few mistakes ! Then, she made jokes and I couldn’t stop laughing ! And she decided to put some clothes on, but they were much too long for her so that was really funny !
Afterwards, she cooked some turkey with potatoes ! How strange... ! But it was very good !
In the early afternoon, Margaret and I watched television, and we played the piano and video games. At 4.00 pm, we had afternoon tea with pancakes, chocolate and orange juice. And we played again.
In the evening, Margaret wanted to cook again so she prepared sausages with celery. And we went to bed.
I think we both had a good day. See you later !