Présentation des 2 étudiants thaïlandais co-parrainés

Makhamtao Project - 2ndes Anglais Appliqué (AgAp)
publié le 07/04/2017,

The boy is called Worawut TORRUP, he is 18 years old. He is Thaï.
His parents died when he was a baby and he has been living with his grandparents since that day. Her grandmother is 67 years old, she cannot work any more. His grandfather could not work hard. So, he left his family to become a monk. He thought that it was the only way for him to make money to support financially his family and to send Worawut to school. He will finish high school towards the end of April and continue studying at university up to his bachelor’s degree. Worawut knows that studying at university costs a lot but he does not want to stop his studies. He wants to teach since he loves children very much and he enjoys teaching.

The girl is called Manita PUNDEE, she is 17 years old, she is Thaï and was born on September 19th, 1999 in Bangkok (capital city of Thailand).
Her mother left her to go to work and earn her living. Since that day, her adoptive parents have been raising her. She wants to study to have a bachelor’s degree but her family has not got enough income and is rather poor. Later she would like to teach. She wants to have childrn and she wants them to have a good future. She would like to be an example for her children.









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