Coline's typical day publié le 21/12/2008

Hi, I’m Coline. I’m French because I was born France.

I live in France with my brother, my mum, my dad, my cat and my hamster.

My family has got two cars, a computer, two colour televisions, a washing machine, a dishwasher and several dvd players.

Every day :

At 7 O’clock I wake up and I get up then at 7.05 I get dressed. At 7.20 I have breakfast. I like cereal, milk and water. I brush my teeth at 7.30 and I go to school by car. At 12.10, I have lunch at school. I leave school at 5 O’clock.

After school, I usually do my homework before watching TV.

We eat dinner at 7.30 .
At 9 O’clock, I have a shower.
At 9.30, I go to bed.