Inter-classes 4ème volley : Scottish Team building !

publié le 23/06/2015, mis à jour le 25/06/2015,
par  Laurent Merle

Today, 2 classes of quatrieme from Emile Zola School went to Niort to play volley-ball. They met 4 schools : Rabelais, Curie, Comynes and Mauzé. The teams were composed of 5 pupils, boys and girls. They played 8 matches. Marie from 4C, said her favourite moment of the day was in the morning because the pupils they played against, were really nice.
Titouan explained that he enjoyed the day very much but : "it would have been better if all the quatriemes had come !"
Nolwen from 4D played in a girls team but and they won 3 matches. She said "I would have loved to win all the matches" !
We won and we lost but everybody enjoyed their sunny day.

We are very happy to say that the students were very respectfull and willing to take part in the activities. No doubt, they will be the same next year in ... Scotland !!

Article rédigé par Mme Bourumeau avec les élèves de 4C et 4D



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  • Inter-classes 4ème volley : Scottish Team building !