Les mesures anglo-saxonnes


British and American measures

One inch is 2.5 cm.
one foot is twelve inches.
one yard is three feet.
one thousand seven hundred and sixty yards are one mile on land; sea miles are two hundred metres longer.
one ounce is 28.35 grams.
one pound is sixteen ounces and fourteen pounds make one stone.
But one pound can also mean money; in Great-Britain it's called pound Sterling = £ but there are also Canadian and Egyptian pounds !
There are one hundred pennies in one pound Sterling.
If you order a pint of beer in a pub, you'll get a bit more than half a litre, but in the US a little less.
If you fill up your car's tank at a petrol station, you shouldn't forget that one gallon represents eight pints, so far more than one litre !

one mile
one inch
one yard
one foot
three feet
one pound
one pound sterling
one ounce
one stone
one pint
one gallon