Penfriends in the Czech Republic (5D) publié le 26/06/2014


This year, our class had a correspondence in English with Czech pupils thanks to our

English teacher . Our penpals are between eleven and thirteen years old. It was a

very good experience because we were able to practise our English for our English


We wrote about our towns, our schools, the things we like. We exchanged our e-mail

addresses. We are now friends with our correspondents . It was very good and funny.

We were happy to write the letters.

We would like to have correspondents next year !

Some of us met Czech young people . They were between seventeen and twenty-two

years old. We didn’t talk a lot about ourselves. I think it’s because they were older

than us . But we were able to exchange a little . It was funny too !

In 5D, a girl even accommodated a Czech student in her home during a week ; they

spoke English and French. It was a good opportunity to practise !

This is our Czech friends ’ timetable . they are at school from Monday morning to Friday evening , even on Wednesday


They haven’t got the same teacher in history and geography , and they haven’t got the same teacher in chemistry and in

physics .

les élèves de la classe de 5D


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