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Celle L’Evescault is situated in the Vienne, in France of course, 25 km from Poitiers.

Celle L’Evescault counts new houses, a lot of new houses. There are 1060 people so it is a medium-sized village and the atmosphere is very good.

Three interesting sites will attract you to Celle L’Evescault : its church, Cellevezais castle and the Cerep laboratory for medicine.

Here are a few useful places for holiday makers :

* There is a bakery where you can find lots of foods and everything is delicious ; five kilometres away, there is a "Leader Price"

* Sporty people will go to the stadium.

* The town-hall is an important building in this village.

* There was a bar but it burnt two years ago.

 There aren’t a lot of activities in Celle L’Evescault but it is a quiet and pleasant village, good to take a walk, so do come and visit it !




My village is situated near Poitiers in the west centre of France, it’s a little town. It is 7 km from Lusignan where there are two schools : a primary school and a secondary school ; every day I go to this secondary school called Jean Monnet School.

In Lusignan, there are several supermarkets whereas there aren’t any in mine. In my village there is a bakery, a hairdresser and that’s all. In fact the bakery is like a little supermarket because you can buy meat, cheese, sweets, water, etc.. It’s a kind of supermarket then. Two years ago there was a "pub", we say "bar" in French but it burnt, what a pity !

The basketball ground, the football pit and the golf course are interesting places that will attract sporty people.

The place I like best is the leisure centre : there, you can swim, you can play football, you can ride a bike, you can sunbathe when it is sunny, it’s a very relaxing part of my village.

Celle L’Evescault is a small village with its eight hundred inhabitants but it is worth visiting. I am waiting for you !




My village, Lusignan is in the Poitou -Charentes on the road between Poitiers and Niort, on the Vonne River. it counts about 2700 inhabitants. It is well known for the legend of the fairy Mélusine and for the ruins of its castle. Lusignan castle was built by the powerful Lusignan family in the XIIth century. Now it has disappeared. The Lords of Lusignan , who were kings of Cyprus for 300 years, also built castles on this far away island.

The other interesting places are along the river, the camping site under the acqueduct, the "promenades" on the site of the casle with a panoramic view, the old streets and lanes around the romanesque church and the lovely market place.

There are not many shops but you can find anything you need in a big supermarket. If you want to eat well, go to the restaurant called "La Fée Mélusine".

Lusignan is interesting for its history. A famous woman was born in Lusignan, she is known as Andrée Léo but her real name was Léodile Béra. She was a feminist and a socialist writer.

The places I prefer are the market place and the medieval lanes around.

Even if Lusignan looks a little sleepy, my village is very pretty ! 



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