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européenne 2010-2011

What happened this year ?

We’ve worked on different subjects which we liked.
In fact, we went back into the past with :

The story of Adolphus Tips set in the Second World War.

We also studied « Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde »
and we’ve seen the play in Perigueux which was quite easy to understand.

Starting from May, we’ve looked into the story of Titanic
and our final assessment was to write the last page of Rose’s
at the end of her life.



- If you want to be an English teacher you must be patient and you have
to listen to what students say.

- If you want to be in the euro class you must have a good standard of

- If you belong to the euro class, you will travel to England during the first
year of this course.

- If you want to be in these classes, you must pay attention to what the teacher

- If you choose to do this course and work, you will be better in english than
the others.

- If you do euro, you will be lucky to have two more hours of English per week.
- In euro class you learn about English culture, that is very interesting.





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 M. Mertz