An American assistant in Niort publié le 25/10/2012

Her ID

Her name is Maggie Graham. She’s 22 years old and she was born in June. She comes from a small city in Virginia (7, 000 inhabitants). She has a sister, Mary. Her mother is an Art teacher in an elementary school and her father works in the stock market. She doesn’t have children but she has a dog ! She doesn’t have a boyfriend.
She’s very cool, very talkative and adventurous. She studies French and Science at the University of Virginia but she finished her studies in May 2012. She likes studying.

Her tastes

She plays in a soccer team and she likes it. She really likes American food (chips, hamburgers, coke), but not often. Maggie is crazy about shopping at the weekend. She enjoys listening to the Avett Brothers. She loves French and she likes running and dancing.

Her opinions

Maggie doesn’t understand the war in Afghanistan and she loves Obama. She doesn’t agree with death penalty.

by Classe-Média, 4°Copernic