Mobilité France février 2019 publié le 24/07/2019

Best Of des élèves

Meilleur souvenir-Sïata
The best day for me was Thursday, January 31st. In the morning I participated in the creation of organic products. In the evening there was the Erasmus Party. It was nice all the world was mixing and talking. It was great

Noella My best memory
My best memory♥ was when we go out to Poitiers, I was with my lithuanian friends♥♥ (I love them♥♥) . We did shopping, i gave presents to my friends and I also received prensents I was so happy . It was the best day of this Erasmus week♥ , it was also the last day I was so sad about it. But I also like the Erasmus party, it was an amazing party. We ate, danced, took photos with our friends. The food was good and the music too . This week was wonderful ♥♥♥

Laser Game
Wednesday afternoon we went to the Laser Game to play this activity. We had a lot of fun (even if our correspondents beat us). It was still very funny and fun we had a great time with our correspondents and we would like to redo it.☺ ♥

chaimaa my best memory
I loved this week even if I find this not too much to organize except Wednesday because we did not go to Chaunonceau castles because we did enjoy with our friends and with the correspondents even if the output was short.

Rani : go out in the nuclear power plant
we watched a video and saw how did the nuclear power plant was created, how long did it take to build it, materials of the building, how do it work and what did it need to work