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  General conclusion mis à jour le 24/09/2008

We can notice big differences between the way of life, the knowledge of the teenagers of the thirties and the one of the adolescents of the years 2000.
First, we can notice that living conditions of today’s youngsters have improved considerably. (...)

  Conclusions for the seven items publié le 20/07/2008

Today, young people study European History and Geography and some of them have a foreign penfriend. At school, they also study a lot of foreign languages like English, German, Spanish or Russian. With all these tools, pupils are open on (...)

  Our students' questions publié le 01/04/2008

Les 21 questions sur l’ouverture européenne des adolescents d’aujourd’hui.
21 questions on the part Europe plays on students’ life today.

  study of our book mis à jour le 23/06/2008

The presentation of our book
The table of contents for History
Your general impression in History
I think in this book there is a big part which deals with Europe even if the number of pages for France is bigger than the number of pages (...)