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publié le 06/09/2007, mis à jour le 07/01/2008,
par  Thierry MILLION

6-An insight into the press of the thirties

Newspapers selected : "L’Humanité" and "Le Figaro".
The students are put into groups (7), one group for each year from 1932 to 1938.
Assignment :
Pick up all the headlines to the articles present on the front page of each newspaper.
Then, put them into different categories (ex : (...)

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par  Thierry MILLION

5-study of pre-war books

Study of pre-war books
The first session (25/03/2007)
At first, we explained what we will do. First point : outlook Second point : contents
We organised 7 groups (4 students for one group)
We explained what they had to find in the outlook item Number of pages Size of the books (...)

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par  Thierry MILLION


Friday, 13th april 2007
From 9.00 to 12.00 => work in groups Preparing ideas for the debate after comparing answers from questionnaires. From 12.00 to 1.00 => We took part in a debate in English for one hour. Then, after lunch, we went to Bled, a village next to a lake with a very small (...)

publié le 12/04/2007, mis à jour le 28/06/2007,
par  Thierry MILLION

3-working in Slovenia

Thursday, May 22nd
Thursday : working day
Thursday was probably the day when we worked the hardest. When we arrived at school with our Slovenian host, teachers made a speech to explain to us what we should do for the Comenius project. We were put into groups : The French students were split (...)

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par  Thierry MILLION

2-Wednesday, April 11th

This morning, we arrived at school at 9 o’clock.
Some Slovenian pupils gave us a show with music, dance, theatre (the title of the play was "How Europe got its name") and chorus. It was very nice but we didn’t understand what they said because it was in Slovenian.
Then, we walked through the (...)

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par  Administrateur

1-Assessment of the first work

Voici un extrait des questions posées à diverses personnes agées par les élèves du projet Comenius du collège au sujet de l’emergence du sentiment européen chez les adolescent de l’entre-deux-guerres, ainsi qu’un premier bilan qui peut en être tiré.
1- Did you learn any foreing (...)