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The presentation of our book

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The table of contents for History

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Your general impression in History

I think in this book there is a big part which deals with Europe even if the number of pages for France is bigger than the number of pages devoted to Europe.
I think the book is very complete and detailed because there is a lot of information, illustrations and documents.

The table of contents for Geography

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Your general impression in Geography

In the part devoted to geography, there are a lot of subjects which deal with western European countries where as we don’t deal with France a lot.

Comparisons between pre-war books and our present day books.

The thirties and forties books only dealt with French History whereas today’s books deal with a lot of foreign and European countries.
So, we can say that we are more open to the world than before.
For instance, we can notice a difference in the titles of the History books. The older one are called "Histoire de France" whereas our present school book’s title is more general : "Histoire-Geographie"

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