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An investigation of some Italian newspapers of the thirties

The students were been given the Project common grid in the classroom and all of them were aware about the task . Accompanied by the English teacher they carried out their survey at the public Library of Ostuni. The head of the Library welcomed the group and gave the students some information related to the kind of newspapers they were going to investigate.
They worked in groups of two, analyzed and filled in the grids .Afterward they analyzed and compared the data gathered.
In all the newspapers investigated there are few articles referring to European countries, almost all the articles are concerned with home affairs. The articles dealing with Europe are concerned to the Civil War in Spain or to Germany.
Once there was a reference to the Russian Communism and to the Spanish revolution on the front page( La Civiltà Cattolica, 1931, n.82, Vol.III)
People in the past had a lot of information related to home affairs and hints to Europe were very few.
Now and then there’s something related to Europe.
On “La civiltà cattolica ; Year 81°-1930-Vol.1, in the artiche whose title is “Luci ed ombre sul problema europeo”( Lights and shadows on the Euopean problem)
Europe is considered as a whole of countries which should work together to build peace.The process of building peace was menaced by the process to be close to the policy of the Balcans’ countries of Europe and the deep sense of nationalism.
Another menace was the suspect and the mistrust dominating the relationships of the international policy.
The article suggests the necessity to build a union of the European countries, aware both of the differences and of the common interest to pursue.
One year later, on La civiltà cattolica ; Year 82°-1931-Vol.1, in the article entitled “Cose straniere”(Foreign things) there is a first idea of European Union, based on economic interests, which should include the Soviets’ Governments, Turkey and Iceland.


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