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Example from the students’ work :

Book 1

Title : Elementary School Geography by Carlson – Orrgård.

Size : Height ; 19cm Width ; 12,5 cm Thickness ; 1,5 cm

Amount of pages : Amount of pages ; 291

Type of print
(big, small,…) : The text is medium.

Illustrations : Yes, there are many small pictures, they are black and white. There are 1-2 pictures on each page.

General impression : It is a very old geography book, it’s about geography. It is neither good nor bad but seems old.

Book 6 :

Title : History for elementary School 1934

Size : 18,3 High, 12,4 Width

Amount of pages : 290 pages

Type of print : Pretty small text
(big, small,…)

Illustrations:There are pictures, maps and photos

General impression : It looks boring on the outside but it’s good that the book has pictures. It’s at least one picture on every second page.


Swedish students learned mostly about Sweden but also pretty much about Europe. We studied six textbooks and among them there was one book which dealt only with Europe. In two of the books there was information only about Sweden.
It was mostly in Geography books students learned about Europe and the rest of the world. History books focused on Swedish history but in connection with this, students learned about some European countries as well. The History books we studied hardly had any information at all about countries outside Europe.

In numbers the result looked like this :
Of 1 800 pages were 1080 about Sweden, 570 about Europe and 150 were about the rest of the world.



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