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Newspapers selected : "L’Humanité" and "Le Figaro".

The students are put into groups (7), one group for each year from 1932 to 1938.

Assignment :

Pick up all the headlines to the articles present on the front page of each newspaper.

Then, put them into different categories (ex : International, Europe, Home, Main article of the day).

Gathering up of all the data collected by the students : Each group come to the board and fill up the proposed grid with its own information (see grid below).

General analysis of the completed grid by the students who draw their conclusions, which showed which European countries were mentioned, which subjects were mainly dealt with and the emergence of some kind of information on European issues.

The students’ conclusions

There are more home articles than international articles.
The articles dealing with Europe are about the civil war in Spain and fascist
governments in Germany and Italy.
People had a lot of informations about home but they had little information about Europe or international subjects.
Generaly, newspapers just dealt with the main international events.

Young people didn’t really have acces to the national press because most of them weren’t rich enough to buy that type of paper.
Consequently, they had very little information on the different countries of Europe.

However, we can notice that in the fields of sports, arts (music) and international events, French newspapers kept the population informed of what was going on.

Finally, in comparaison with school books studed, we can notice that the press in general was more open on Europe and world events.


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