5-study of pre-war books

publié le 26/06/2007, mis à jour le 18/10/2007,
par  Thierry MILLION

Study of pre-war books

The first session (25/03/2007)

- At first, we explained what we will do.
First point : outlook
Second point : contents

- We organised 7 groups (4 students for one group)


- We explained what they had to find in the outlook item
Number of pages
Size of the books
Illustrations (types of documents)
Your impressions

- Each group as elected a spook man who make presentation of the book. M Barthe shows the book.

- The English teacher writes on the black board the vocabulary, the new expressions.

The second session (03/04/2007)

One student recaps the data concerned the book.


The others 3 students in the group synthesize the ideas of the 7 books presented.
One student takes pictures of the book cover and an other picture illustrated the contents of that book.


We can notice that History and Geography don’t appear in the same school book.
Foreign countries aren’t really studied and if so they are only analysed in their rapport with French History.
For instance, England and Germany are mentioned but only in relation to French colonial history.