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Thursday, May 22nd

Thursday : working day

Thursday was probably the day when we worked the hardest.
When we arrived at school with our Slovenian host, teachers made a speech to explain to us what we should do for the Comenius project. We were put into groups : The French students were split into different groups


. Each group dealt with a specific theme : All members explained what they had done in their own country. First, they gave a general impression, then they found differences and common points between all countries.
At 10 o’clock, we had a break and after that, each group wrote its final text whit all the information collected.
After lunch, we finally made an animation with “Microsoft Power Point” to show our work to the other pupils.


At 4 o’clock, all the groups spent about 10 minutes in front of the others to make an oral presentation of their work.


Then, teachers gave their impressions about our work.
Eventually, we went back home and waited for the next day, which was the final working day !

By Dufau Rémi and Sevila Simon


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