Second work

publié le 04/03/2009,
par  Thierry MILLION


The Arctic

1 -What’s happening in the Arctic ?
Use this words for your answers :

- permafrost

- to thaw : dégeler

- Arctic ice cap : (calotte glacière)

2 -Why is global warming more important in the Arctic ?

- sun’s rays

- to bounce off : (réfléchir, les rayons du soleil par exemple)

3 -Why is the ice melting*dangerous for the Gulf Stream ?

*ice melting : fonte des glaces

4 -Why would it be dangerous if the Greenland ice melted ?

- ice age :(glaciation)

The seasons

1 - What comparison can we make between frost days and the number of invasive exotic species ?

2 - Species have always come and gone but why is this process different nowadays ?

The Antarctica

- Why is the melting of the ice cap* a danger for the planet ?

*ice cap : inlandsis : banquise continentale


- What can you see in the center of Greenland ?

- fresh melt water*

*fresh water = soft water = sea water

The consequences

- sea level

- refugees


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