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We have to work about the environment and the teachers want to begin with a documentary film "An Inconvenient Truth".

Our teachers gave us a plan to do a presentation of Al Gore.
 Who is he ?
 What was his position before ?
 What did he do ?
 Why ?
 Results and consequences.

We film one of us and write together this correction :

Al Gore is an American politician, he belongs to the Democrats ; he was senator for the state of Tennessee and later, he became vice President of the United States under Bill Clinton’s presidency. But, he lost in the presidential election against G. Bush.

In the 2000, he felt concerned by environmental problems and so, he made a documentary film called "An Inconvenient Truth" to warn people all over the world about the dangers of Global warning and green house effect.

People are now conscious of the environmental problems and Al Gore won the Nobel prize for peace.


As we know a little bit more about Al Gore, we will work now on his film.
We also did a little quiz on the environment.


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