Conclusions for the seven items

publié le 20/07/2008,
par  Thierry MILLION


Today, young people study European History and Geography and some of them have a foreign penfriend.
At school, they also study a lot of foreign languages like English, German, Spanish or Russian.
With all these tools, pupils are open on Europe and it’s quite easy for them to travel abroad and make contact with other young people.



1 - Now, there are more contacts with foreign people because half of the population have foreign neighbourgs who come from Britain and Africa.

2 - Now, there are more contacts with foreign people because half of the population have foreign colleagues at work who come from Britain and Africa.

3 - A lot of teenagers haven’t got an extra-job during the week. Only a third of teenagers have got one because in France, we can only work when we are 16.

4 - The majority of people don’t watch films with subtitles. They prefer to watch them in their own language and a lot of films are French.
There is a limit to the French opening because French people don’t like watching films with subtitles.



There are lots of teenagers who eat foreign food such as Chineese (nems, rice), Italian (pizza, pasta), Morrocan (couscous), America (Hamburger) ...
It allows them to discover other cultures.



1 - Now, we have a lot of means and sources of information. The majority
of teenagers use modern means such as : TV and the internet. We still use the radio and paper magasines.

2 - Now, for communication with our friends or abroad, we often use emails or msn.

3 - Most teenagers aren’t interested in foreign media but a few watch BBC or Spanish TV.

4 - Our favorite means of information are always the phone and speech.

There are a lot of means of information which are very accesible for all teenagers. It’s very easy to communicate with abroad and thanks to this new technology, it’s also easy to communicate with the world.



We can notice that a majority of teenagers travel in Europe.
So, that shows there is a lot of exchange between countries, we can discover other cultures, traditions and other languages.
A lot of teenagers watch European series and films (European series look similar).
In fact, we tend to share the same culture throughout Europe.





Many students are open to Europe. They don’t have information only (artists, customs, traditions and monuments ...) about their country but also on the different neighbouring countries.



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