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Accueil Matières enseignées Langues vivantes YOUR Engli...

YOUR English page! publié le 26/06/2020  - mis à jour le 08/10/2020

Have fun in English.

Hello, this is your ENGLISH page ! Have fun !

Today’s NEWS
Des anglophones au Collège ! See the photos !
Happy halloween : technology and English project with year 8.
Song for our planet

6ème :

General songs :
Food songs, this is a funny food song !
Alphabet song and this one !. My favourite is this alphabet song !
Numbers 1-100
Days of the week
Months of the year and this one !.
Here is a really great song :seasons
If you want to sing about your routine !
Here are the parts of the body !
The wheels on bus. and a big favourite Old Macdonald Had a farm. and we love Bobby Bingo.

Seasonal songs :
Let’s sing some songs !
Rocking around the christmas tree
Jingle Bells
We wish you a merry christmas !

Halloween and Halloween Stomp

Want to learn to tell the time ?
Click here to learn to tell the time ! and also this game !

Here are some slideshows for you :

All about me !

My family

Make an apple pie

My day, my way]

School Subjects

Describing people

Marvelous monsters



Favourite song ! In, on, under


Food, glorious food !

My pet

Sherlock Holmes

Welcome to our town !

Biography Florence Nightingale
British Wildlife

Save bees and butterflies
Check out this page about insects.

Help a hedgehog and some more about hedgehogs here.
Be kind to birds.
Look at this page to discover how to make a birdbox.. This video will also give you some ideas about how to build abird box !
How can kids help nature ? Find out by watching this video !
Have a look at this wild website.
There is more information on theRSPB website.

Students’ work in 5C : Our hobbies


Learn to talk about art with this IDEA

Videos about David Hockney :
ipad art
Royal academy 1
Royal Academy 2
9 camera video

YOUR contributions : Best job in the world, 3C
Chloé, Gylaine et Anouk
Louna, Célia, Eva
Jeanne, Alexane, Eléa
Best job in the world, Amaury

{{}}Work about ecology and biodiversity in 3B and 3C.
Romain’s brilliant project about polar bears.
Claire B : Giant Pandas

Interested in CIVIL RIGHTS ?! Look at this site CIVIL RIGHTS

Des sites pour tout le monde !

Have fun with the Big Challenge !
Do you want to improve your listening skills ? Have fun with these VIDEOS.
Learn about history with BBC history and this American history site, and discover some important people and their biographies. There is a quiz at the end of every biography, and you can listen to each and every page !

Feel like playing a word game ? Here are wordsearches and this is a great vocabulary spelling game.

Have fun with geography. This game is really fun : COUNTRIES and this is a fantastic game for learning CAPITAL CITIES

Improve your English with these topic books : intereactive books

Practise your vocabulary with Hot Potatoes :
Click here to learn to tell the time ! and also this game !
And have fun with science with the food chain game.. Here is a good site for finding out facts about animals.
On this site there are games about culture, health, history, animals...all sorts of activities. Have a go !
And what about playng Akinator in English ? Akinator
Do you like maths ? See how American kids learn their stuff ! maths
And finally, some educational games !
I think this game is really fun : Hangman !