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English breakfast publié le 12/02/2018

As part of our Year 6/ Year 7 school committee, the pupils of Year 7 "PERICLES" and year 6 from Blanzac primary school shared a typical English breakfast.

The Year 6 pupils were officially invited, receiving invitation cards made by year 7 pupils.

The latter created direction and welcome signs, but also detailed menus, under the supervision of Mrs. BARD.

Decorative accessories and ornaments were also displayed in the canteen to immerse students as much as possible in this festive English atmosphere and provide an unforgettable experience.

All the children could discover and enjoy the full English breakfast composed of bacon, baked beans, fried eggs, slices of toats, tomatoes, hash browns, sausages with tea, milk, orange juice, marmalade, honey and butter. Actually, they ate at 7.30, the current local time in London, as indicated by a clock in the canteen !

The teachers and 2 volunteers -Margareth and Caécilia who also help pupils in tutoring-, guided and placed the pupils according to a table seating chart (especially created for this event).

The pupils were delighted with this experience and might ask to do it again at home with their family !

Ingrid BARD



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