Tim and Mathis publié le 04/06/2019

Tim arrived at my place last Friday night. He wasn’t really happy to see me again because the previous time he had been sick and he hadn’t enjoyed his stay with my family and I.
In the evening, we ate a lot of food, and for once Tim liked everything. Then we watched an action movie ; Tim didn’t stop smiling. But then he didn’t want to go to sleep so we had fun in a pillow fight. He finally slept because he felt really tired.
The next day he had a lie in whereas I got up at 9.00 am because I had to help my parents with the horses. Tim is a real rascal : he doesn’t like other animals, nature nor the countryside. I think he only likes to have parties. He is crazy.
For the first time Tim liked being in my house with my family and I, I am so happy !