Tim's spring holidays publié le 15/05/2019

Hello !
Tim spent the last holidays with me. First I took him on a pilgrimage for a whole week-end. So we had a long night-time walk from 5.00 pm to 2.30 am, from La Rochefoucauld to Montbron. In the end Tim felt very tired, and so did I. And we also did many other cool things during that week-end.
The days after, Tim tried a few scary things he enjoyed anyway, such as high sensation rides and a very frightening escape game in the castle in Villebois Lavalette.
Tim, my friends and I also spent some time at the youth club, so we could do many activities, such as swimming at the Nautilis swimming-pool or enjoying ice-creams in Royan. Tim even went to the fun fair with my friends, my boyfriend and I. I think he loved his holidays at my place !
Eva B.